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India is known for its diverse culinary traditions and a wide variety of beans play a significant role in Indian cuisine that are consumed as food. Here are some popular types of beans found in Indian cuisine:

kidney beans exporter india


Rajma is a kidney-shaped bean and comes in various colors like red, speckled, and white. Rajma is a popular legume in North India dishes. It is often cooked with spices, onions, tomatoes, and garlic. It is used to make the famous Rajma Masala, a rich and flavorful kidney bean curry usually served with rice.

chickpeas exporter india


Chana, a versatile legume and a staple in Indian cooking, encompasses both the white Kabuli chana (large, light-colored chickpeas, Chole) and the smaller brown Desi chana (smaller, darker chickpeas). Its nutty flavor lends itself well to a variety of dishes, including Chana Masala, Chole Bhature, Falafel, roasted chickpeas (Daliya), spicy and tangy chickpea curry, chickpea flour (besan), and chana chaat.

moong beans exporter india


Moong beans, also known as mung dal or green gram, are small, green, and oval-shaped beans commonly used in both sweet (like moong dal halwa), savory dishes and in various forms in Indian cooking. They can be sprouted to make nutritious salads, soups, curries and pakora. They are also used in dishes like Moong Dal (split moong beans) curry and khichdi (a one-pot rice and lentil dish).

black gram exporter india


Urad beans are also known as black gram or black lentil, is a small black bean with a creamy texture and are commonly used in South Indian cuisine. They are used to make dishes like Dal Makhani, a rich and creamy lentil curry, idli (steamed rice cakes) and dosa (fermented crepes) and medu vada (fried lentil fritters). Urad dal can be whole or split.

red lentils masoor exporter india


Masoor dal or orange-red lentils, is a popular lentil variety in Indian cuisine. It cooks quickly and is used to make dal (lentil soup), soups, and stews both as a standalone dish and in combination with other lentils.

pigeon peas exporter india


Toor or Tuvar dal is a type of yellow lentil, also known as arhar dal or split pigeon peas, commonly used in South Indian and Gujarati cuisines. It is often cooked with spices and served with rice or flatbreads. It is the key ingredient in dishes like sambar (a tangy lentil and vegetable stew), dal tadka and rasam (a spicy lentil soup).

cowpeas exporter india


Chawli or black-eyed beans, are white beans with a black spot resembling an eye is a type of legume commonly used in Indian cuisine, especially in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is used to make dishes like chawli curries, salads, stir-fries and is often served with rice or roti.

lobia black eyed beans exporter india


Lobia, is a small, cream-colored bean with a black "eye" on its surface. It is also known as cowpeas and used in various regional Indian cuisines. It is similar to chawli but have a slightly different shape and texture. They are used to make curries, sundal, salad preparations, Lobia Masala and Lobia Chaat.

moth beans exporter india


Matki, also known as Moth beans or Turkish gram, is a small, tan/brownish-colored oval-shaped bean commonly used in Maharashtra, Gujarat and other parts of India. It is used to make dishes like Usal, Misal Pav, and sprouted bean salad.

choliya green chickpease exporter india


Choliya, or green chickpeas, are young chickpeas that are harvested before they fully mature. They are often used in curries, snacks, and street food.

val field beans exporter india


Val beans are popular in South Indian cuisine, especially in dishes like Val Beans Curry and Val Beans Usli. They are cream-colored with a black spot.

adzuki beans exporter india


Adzuki beans are small, reddish-brown beans that originated in East Asia but are also grown in India. They are used in various sweet and savory dishes.


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These are just a few examples of the many types of beans used in Indian cuisine. Each bean has its own unique taste and texture, and they are used in a variety of traditional dishes across different regions of India. Each region in India has its own unique bean varieties and preparations, making Indian cuisine rich and diverse in flavours and ingredients. The names and types of beans can vary across different regions of India, and there are numerous local varieties that may not be listed here.